Archival Scanning / Document Preservation & Destruction

We are specialists in custom, complex document archival and preservation solutions. Fully scalable to serve all organizations.

Is your file room bursting at the seams? Are there closed case files piling up in that empty office down the hall? What’s your monthly bill from the hardcopy storage company? It’s time to consider putting technology to work and archiving your legacy paper records.

no more boxesWhether it’s a handful of paper boxes or a warehouse full of file drawer boxes, DocuSource Inc. has provided archive scanning solutions for paper collections of all shapes and sizes. Corporations, law firms, health care practitioners, insurance companies, and CPA’s have all enjoyed the benefits of preserving their hardcopy information. In addition to the efficiencies created by digitizing your paper records, the cost savings going forward will stick out on that P&L in the years to come.


  • Free up office & file cabinet space
  • Reduce or eliminate off-site storage
  • Risk management and backup for critical data
  • Cut storage costs
  • Find and share documents easily
  • Enhance document security

Our Process

archival scanning process