Litigation Document Production & Imaging

We convert volumes of paper records and documents into digital images that simplify and increase the efficiency of your review throughout any step of the litigation process. We employ industry standard best practices for document preparatory techniques and image capture utilizing state of the art software applications designed to support and assist litigation document scanning services.

Litigation Scanning Services

Pickup & Delivery We’ll pickup and return your box collection to/from your firm, client, or opposing counsel.

Medicare/Medicaid Audit Specialists Audits by the Federal Government are “reasonable and necessary” according to the USDOJ. Are you prepared to produce the documents they are asking for? We are! Medical Practitioners and Healthcare Defense Attorneys rely on us to accurately and effectively capture patient charts, billing, coding and any other information necessary to satisfy an audit request.

Indexing Each box will be accounted for and a Chain of Custody form will be executed.

Document Preparation & Scan All binding elements are removed and replaced at the point of scan to ensure the originals are returned in the exact same fashion they were retrieved in. All images are scanned at 300 dpi, color or black & white.

Quality Control All images are analyzed for best possible quality and duplication of its original.

Output Any image file format. The most common being single-page Group IV tiff, multi-page tiff, and multi-page PDF’s.

Wide Format Scanning Surveys, blueprints, drawings, and anything larger than 11×17

Optical Character Recognition All documents will go through the OCR process rendering all images text searchable.

Bates Numbering/Endorsement Each page can be endorsed with a Bates Number and any other language (Confidential, Attorneys Eyes Only, etc.)

Load File Generation We can provide comma delimited load files for all supported litigation software applications.

Video Reproduction Video conversion to any format: DVD, MPEG, AVI, WMV and more. You name it, we can do it. Need a snapshot or clip from a surveillance video? We got you covered.

Media Duplication CD, DVD, USB thumb drives and External Storage Devices. We can also handle large data transfers and information encryption.